Bad Bunny addresses domestic violence in “Solo De Mi” MV

The Latin trap artist caps off a banner year with a new release.

Over the course of 2018, Bad Bunny has established himself as the Latin rapper to watch. And he’s wrapping up the year with a new release: “Solo De Mi” (“Only From Me” or “Just of Me”), which has arrived with a poignant music video.

At first, the clip seems uncommonly somber coming from the party-loving Puerto Rican trapper: A woman stands at a microphone, mouthing Bunny’s lyrics as invisible punches land on her face, leaving her bruised and bloodied. Just when it seems like things have reached a head, the curtain behind her is whisked aside. What’s behind it? We’ll leave you to watch the clip and find out.

Bunny took a stand against domestic violence in an Instagram post promoting the video. “I’m not sure if cockfighting is abuse, but gender violence against women and the absurd amount of women who are murdered a month IS,” he wrote. “When are we going to prioritize what really matters??! We always want to blame everyone but the one at fault. IT’S TIME TO TAKE ACTION NOW!”


Watch the clip here:

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