Azizi Gibson, Shofu recap 2020 with “Baileys + Bullshit”

A catchy, heartfelt retrospective for a troubling year.

German-born rapper Azizi Gibson has recruited Shofu for his latest single “Baileys + Bullshit,” an irreverent, yet heartfelt anthem for a troubling year.

Throughout the mellow track, the rappers lament the generally depressing trajectory of 2020 while paying tribute to those who lost their lives this year. “Kobe died, Chad died, man this shit don’t make no sense / And we lost some young n***as that was lit / So I’m pourin’ out the whole fuckin’ bottle just for them,” Shofu spits. Elsewhere in the song, Gibson echoes a simple but sobering refrain: “It’s holiday season but this year I don’t feel a thing.”

Nevertheless, the pair attempt to bring some levity to their retrospective, making tongue-in-cheek references to certain events of the year: “2020 been on fire like the West Coast / That’s Azizi with the best smoke,” jokes Shofu at one point. Gibson ends on a hopeful note, believing that in “2021 God comin’ through to bless y’all.”


The track follows Gibson’s April album, Reaping the Benefits, and a March collab with The Underachievers’ AK the Savior, “Change That Back.” Shofu, who made a name for himself rapping about Pokémon and video games, also released a catchy rap about Animal Crossing character Tom Nook back in April.

Stream their new song “Baileys + Bullshit” below:

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