Azealia Banks reignites Elon Musk beef with bizarre new song

The Musk-Banks feud has reached new heights.

Azealia Banks’ latest mixtape, Yung Rapunxel: Part II, will soon be officially released on digital streaming platforms, and it’ll include a new song that centers on a certain “ungrateful technocrat,” as the Harlem rapper put it.

According to a since-deleted Instagram post, Banks revealed that two tracks were left off the project’s initial “free giveaway version” on SoundCloud, including one titled “96’Corolla (Motorman).” The rapper explained that the song is about the “public execution” of a man named “Alon Dust,” who is an “ungrateful technocrat [whose] ego becomes too big for his britches.” 

On the song, Banks assumes the role of an AI overlord, who “sings the soundtrack to his deactivation.” She also added that the part was originally written and performed by singer-songwriter Poppy. Check out a screengrab of her Instagram post below:



In case you missed it, Banks and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk got into a bizarre public feud last year after she claimed that she had waited in Musk’s home for days waiting for the tech mogul’s girlfriend, the pop star Grimes. 


However, Musk later told Gizmodo in an interview that Bank’s claims were “complete nonsense” and that he’s “never even met [Banks] or communicated with her in any way.” 

While you wait for “96’Corolla (Motorman)” to drop, check out Bank’s new mixtape Yung Rapunxel: Part II below:

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