Ashton Travis drops trippy “Death Row” video

Watch the surreal clip here.

Def Jam signee Ashton Travis has released a surreal video for his debut single, “Death Row.”

In the clip, police cars pursue the rapper through winding city streets. The visual cuts between the high-speed chase and psychedelic scenes of a strip club, a gang shooting and a photo shoot. “Whole time, life an abyss / Seems like I’m taking risks / Lord knows I keep it low key / When I hit the streets, you gon’ know me,” he raps.

“There’s so many ways to interpret the visuals,” Travis told the FADER. “You see me running from so many things, only to find out that nothing is chasing me. It’s all in my head. I guess when you want something so bad your mind will find ways to highlight self-doubt, or reasons to give up… But I know that the only person that can stop me from getting whatever I want is me. So at the end of the day you’re really just running from yourself.”


Watch the video for “Death Row” below:

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