An Eminem-Chris D’Elia rap battle may be on the horizon

Challenge accepted.

Last week, Eminem and Logic unveiled their collab “Homicide,” which featured a sample of comedian Chris D’Elia parodying Em on the outro. Em then went on to challenge the funnyman to a rap face-off.

“Slim Shady himself called me out?! I accept!” D’Elia responded. He posted to Instagram a photo of himself next to a trunk filled with napkins, a reference to a line he dropped in his impersonation poking fun at Em’s rapid-fire flow (“You use way too many napkins! Bapkins! Lapkins and japkins!”).


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Slim Shady himself called me out?! I accept! Swipe left. @eminem @logic #eminem #logic #slimshady #homicide

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Despite Eminem’s long history of beefs, the rap battle seems all in good fun. Earlier in February, the rapper had posted another clip of the comedian’s “incredible” impression.

In a statement to Billboard, D’Elia said it was an honor to be featured on Logic’s latest single. As a huge fan of Eminem, the comedian thought it was only right to allow the rappers to sample his vocals for free.


“I’ve been a fan for 20 years! I’m not trying to make money in the rap world,” D’Elia said. “I did my silly impression in my garage. I say, ‘have at it.’ […] So many rappers take themselves so seriously, so when they show some humility or poke fun of themselves it goes a long way.”

Stay tuned for their rap battle.

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