ALLBLACK, G Perico remix Drakeo the Ruler’s “Ion Know Nothing”

Also featuring Ohgeesy.

“Ion Know Nothing,” the Ohgeesy-assisted cut from Drakeo the Ruler’s 2017 project Cold Devil, has received the remix treatment by ALLBLACK and G Perico.

Drakeo, who currently remains behind bars following an attempted murder charge last July, has enlisted a couple of his fellow West Coast friends for the rework. ALLBLACK and G Perico join Ohgeesy on the hard-hitting Shawn Beats production to deliver verses that call for Drakeo’s release. “You keep runnin’ your mouth about me, I’mma fuck your mama / Free Drakeo ’til it’s backwards, and fuck whoever snitchin’,” ALLBLACK raps at the top of the track.

Drakeo, whose real name is Darrell Caldwell, was acquitted of murder charges last year. While the rapper was found not guilty for the killing of Davion Gregory in 2016, prosecutors have launched a new trial against the 25-year-old that claims Drakeo’s “rap lyrics, videos and collaborations are evidence of a ‘conspiracy,’” The Guardian reported in October.

Listen to the “Ion Know Nothing” remix here:



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