Alexander Mack’s “Brand New” MV will lift your spirits

He’s dubbed himself “Herbie Hancock meets 2 Chainz.”

Alexander Mack has been carving out his own lane with singles since 2016, but his latest song “Brand New” will have you dancing, clapping and wondering what he’ll come up with next.

In the song, he flexes on his individuality and groovy sound. “I got the juice to make the people move and shake they groove thang / My outfits look like I just stepped out the ’60s but I make it look like a new thang / I’m Herbie Hancock meets 2 Chainz / You won’t find another like me,” he boasts.

To accompany the single, Mack released a Brady Bunch-themed music video, where he raps, dances and plays around in colorful squares on the screen. For a debut music video, it’s a polished and innovative idea that showcases Mack’s charisma and that infectiously foot-tapping beat. Although still a newcomer, Mack’s got a sound as polished as Anderson .Paak and brings a jazzy twist to hip hop, making him definitely one to watch this year.


Watch the clip for “Brand New” below:

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