Ace Hood teases his mixtape with new single “Goat Emoji”

He’s gearing up to release ‘Body Bag 5.’

Ace Hood has dropped a new song, “Goat Emoji,” in the lead-up to his upcoming mixtape, Body Bag 5.

The new track follows “Practice,” which was a reminder of what the Florida rapper is made of. “Goat Emoj,” on the other hand, lets you know why he’s the best.

“I see you / All of this is just a preview / Album number five, we got a classic on the menu / Bus is out back, we got it packed inside the venue,” spits Ace.


Ace, who’s been strategically dropping singles as the clock ticks down to the release of Body Bag 5, has no doubt been enjoying himself revving up fans in the process.

Body Bag 5 is out March 1. Check out “Goat Emoji” below:


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