A remix of Cardi B’s coronavirus rant is going viral

The DJ iMarkkeyz rework has even entered the iTunes chart.

Last week, Cardi B took to Instagram to express her concerns over the ongoing coronavirus crisis. Now, the rapper’s hilarious rant on social media has been turned into an anthem for the global pandemic.

In her original Instagram video, uploaded on March 11, Cardi went off about the coronavirus in her usual unfiltered fashion, saying the outbreak has got her “a little scared.” “I ain’t even gonna front,” she said in the 46-second clip. “A bitch is scared. Shit got me panicking.” Towards the end, Cardi let out an over-the-top cry, “Coronavirus! Coronavirus! I’m telling you, shit is real! Shit is getting real!”

Brooklyn-based producer DJ iMarkkeyz, who’s known for remixing Internet memes, put his own spin on the rapper’s impassioned monologue. The song titled “Coronavirus Remix” features a heavy trap beat, and expertly puts Cardi’s animated yowl on an infectious loop. It has since received close to half a million views on YouTube alone. According to Billboard, the song broke through iTunes’ Hip-Hop/Rap Songs chart at Number 96 and soared to the fifth spot yesterday.


Following the news, Cardi quickly took to social media to share her reaction to the viral remix. “The fact this damn coronavirus song is charting on iTunes… Hold on… Let me hit the DJ up and Atlantic so I can’t get my damn coins,” the rapper joked. But Cardi also hoped that the remix was giving her fans some relief during these tough times. “I’m glad yaaa having fun… Make sure you Lysol your pussy before you POP IT,” she added.



Cardi’s coronavirus rant has continued to receive the remix treatment: DJ Snake, DJ Suede, pianist Charles Cornell and others have also shared their own takes on the rapper’s speech.

Check out DJ iMarkkeyz’s “Coronavirus Remix” below:

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