A reissue of Lil Peep’s ‘Vertigo’ EP is available now

It dropped alongside three music videos.

An updated version of Lil Peep’s 2016 EP, Vertigo, is available now on streaming platforms.

The record, which the rapper born Gustav Åhr released a year before his death, collected four tracks: “Drugz,” “MOS,” “Shiver” and “Come Around.” He penned the songs with John Mello, who also produced the EP.

According to a press statement from Lil Peep’s estate, Vertigo was re-released to include “the highest quality exports the world has ever heard these tracks—straight from the recording sessions that Gus worked on in his bedroom.” They added that Vertigo is the first project from the late rapper’s discography to be re-released with others to follow suit.


The reissue was accompanied by music videos for each track, except for “Shiver.” Jon Francois directed and edited the clips for “MOS” and “Come Around,” while Peep co-directed the visual for “Drugz” with Emma Harris.

Last November, a new posthumous Lil Peep album, Everybody’s Everything, was released alongside a documentary of the same name. The compilation featured a handful of previously unheard tracks, such as three collaborations with rapper Gab3, the solo song “Princess” and the original version of “I’ve Been Waiting” with iLoveMakonnen.

Stream the updated version of Vertigo below:


And check out the music videos here.

“Come Around”:



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