A deluxe edition of Mac Miller’s ‘Circles’ is out now

It includes two new songs from the late rapper.

The deluxe edition of Mac Miller’s sixth and final studio album, Circles, has arrived. It includes two never-before-heard songs from the late rapper: “Right” and “Floating.”

According to Hypebeast, “Right” features songwriting contributions from Miller’s longtime collaborator Thundercat, who recently paid tribute to his late friend with the single “Fair Chance.” On the other hand, “Floating” was co-written by Miller and Alexander Spit, alongside producer Jon Brion.

Following Miller’s untimely death in September 2018, Brion took up the task of finishing Circles, an album the late rapper had envisioned as a companion to his fifth record Swimming. “Jon dedicated himself to finishing Circles based on his time and conversations with Malcolm,” Miller’s family wrote in an earlier statement. “We simply know that it was important to Malcolm for the world to hear it.”


The pair of bonus tracks were accompanied by tropical-inspired clips from Anthony Gaddis and Eric Tilford. Both Gaddis and Tilford had also worked on the previous Circles visual, “Good News.”

Check out the Circles (Deluxe) visuals below.




And stream the extended album in full here:

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