88glam return with ‘New Mania’ mixtape

The duo’s first release since going independent.

Toronto duo 88glam—aka 88 Camino and Derek Wise—have released a new mixtape, New Mania, to hold fans over until their album arrives.

The hefty 18-track project is the pair’s first release since leaving The Weeknd’s XO Records. It features a mix of new songs and tracks that were recorded before COVID-19 hit. “We just literally had a situation that we felt like we needed to go independent, and like, really take our shit, like full control, full throttle, and try to see what direction that can take us,” Wise told Complex.

While the group was settling label issues, fans had speculated that the duo had split up due to their extended silence. They have since denied those rumors, and added that New Mania is “like an appreciation tape.” Camino said: “It’s 18 songs long, so like, n***as cannot be going crazy telling us to drop next week. That should be good for the next little while.”

Earlier this year, 88glam released the song “Swim” and announced their sophomore studio album, Close to Heaven Far From God. Although no official release date has been revealed, Wise says that it’s “coming out very soon.”


While you wait for more details about Close to Heaven Far From God, stream New Mania below:


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