Shit gets weird in 645AR’s deranged video for “Yoga”

Inspired by ‘Men in Black,’ aliens and the coronavirus, among other things.

Viral rapper 645AR has joined forces with Brooklyn-based directing duo BRTHR for his outlandish “Yoga” video.

The clip opens on 645AR in his home, watching media coverage about COVID-19 when a strange yet adorable pink creature appears at his window. What follows is a series of bizarre events as the pair go on a wild adventure through New York City. The clip’s surreal quality is exaggerated further with 645AR’s trademark falsetto bars.

“Before this pandemic even broke out, we already had our minds set to incorporate aliens, and just have it be this really bizarre visual universe,” BRTHR told Hypebeast about the collaborative music video.


“Obvious inspirations are Men in Black with the ending, but other than that it was really just inspired by how AR is. The squeaky rap thing is new to us and everyone, so we wanted to make something that follows that trajectory.”

Released last month, “Yoga” follows a handful of one-off singles 645AR has dropped off this year, including “In Love with a Stripper,” “Bible and A K” and “4 da Trap.”

Check out the “Yoga” video below:


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