50 Cent allegedly threatened by NYPD commander

He allegedly told his officers to shoot the rapper “on sight.”

An Instagram post 50 Cent made might be the reason why a commander in the New York Police Department (NYPD) ordered his officers to “shoot him on sight.”

Last June, NYPD Deputy Inspector Emanuel Gonzalez allegedly told his officers to shoot 50 Cent, real name Curtis Jackson, “on sight” during a routine roll call, the New York Daily News reports. The remarks, which Gonzalez apparently tried to pass off as a joke, were made before the rapper was expected to appear at a charity boxing match in the Bronx, sanctioned by the NYPD.

“The inspector just said that at roll call,” said a source close to the case. “I’m like, WTF.”


But a month before that remark, Gonzalez had filed an aggravated harassment complaint against Jackson over a now-deleted Instagram post, which Gonzalez claimed had left him “in fear of his safety.”

In the post, Jackson had accused Gonzalez of shaking down the owner of the now-closed Brooklyn hip hop club Love and Lust, which Jackson had frequented. Jackson had used the term “get the strap” in the post, slang for “get a gun.”

The news came as a surprise to Jackson, who found out about the threat through headlines when he woke up on Sunday morning.


“Mr Jackson takes this threat very seriously and is consulting with his legal counsel regarding his options going forward,” a representative of Jackson’s added in a statement. “He is concerned that he was not previously advised of this threat by the NYPD and even more concerned that Gonzalez continues to carry a badge and a gun.”

The situation is currently being investigated by the Internal Affairs Bureau’s Group 1, the unit which handles police corruption cases. In the meantime, Gonzalez continues to be on active duty.

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