42 Dugg, Roddy Ricch join forces for “4 Da Gang”

It samples “No One Like You” by German heavy metal band Scorpions.

42 Dugg and Roddy Ricch have released a brand-new collaboration, “4 Da Gang.”

For the track, the rappers trade verses over a sample of German heavy metal band Scorpions’ 1982 track, “No One Like You.” Dugg opens the song and raps about his home city of Detroit: “N***as upped Lou for free, that’s my n***a, come and kick it / Mister still serve the city, I’m the reason it’s some chicken / Why the fuck you in the kitchen tryna turn one? / Daire quit pullin’ on the blender ’fore you burn somе.”

Roddy, on the other hand, drops a raunchy verse about his success and the ladies. “Number one n***a, but they’re never gon’ admit it / I was doin’ two-hundred in the ’Rari and got a ticket / Every time they see me, they say they ain’t seen me in a minute / Probably fuckin’ on your bitches, probably runnin’ up the digits,” he spits.


“4 Da Gang” marks the second single of the year for both Roddy and Dugg. Prior to the collab, Dugg teamed up with Foogiano and TG Kommas for “I Know,” meanwhile previously Roddy debuted his a new single “Heartless” at the Grammys.

Listen to “4 Da Gang” below:

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