21 Savage comes out on top in new “Ball w/o You” MV

The latest visual from his album, ‘I Am > I Was.’

21 Savage has released a visual for “Ball w/o You,” a cut from his latest album I Am > I Was.

In the WALU-directed video, the Atlanta rapper reminisces on a broken relationship. While he calmly recounts the tale of severed loyalty, his fictional ex-lover tries to drown her sorrows in booze, men and selfies of her night out before eventually passing out in a bathroom stall. The clip ends with 21’s ex continuing to snap selfies even while sitting on the curb surrounded by her belongings, while the rapper sits at home with a new woman by his side.

“Ball w/o You,” is the latest visual from 21, who had recently made news for his brief detainment by US immigration authorities earlier this year. Watch the video for “Ball w/o You” below:


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