2 Eleven shares new ‘Mastermind’ project

It includes six collaborations with Freddie Gibbs.

2 Eleven has unleashed his brand-new project, Mastermind.

Released on March 19, Mastermind features a total of eight tracks, of which six are collaborations with Freddie Gibbs. Cassie, Quincey White and Ricci also make cameos on the EP.

But the West Coast rapper shines just as well on his own on the solo tracks “Passport” and “24 Summers.” Produced by Marvel Mayne, the songs show off the different sides to 2 Eleven: “Passport” is a breezy old-school jam while “24 Summers” features a menacing trunk-rattling beat. On the latter, the rapper tells his haters to back off because they “ain’t gon’ knock this hustle.” “I can see it in your eyes, n***a you don’t want no trouble,” he warns.


Mastermind is 2 Eleven’s follow-up to his 2020 EP, Success is the Best Revenge. That same year, he released two other projects, Doughnetworkz Presents: Skanless Levelz and the lockdown-inspired Pandemic.

2 Eleven has also dropped a video for “Top Down” featuring Gibbs and Rucci. Watch the car-filled clip below:


And stream Mastermind here:

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