03 Greedo releases joint album with Mustard

‘Still Summer in the Projects’ is out now.

Despite his current incarceration, 03 Greedo hasn’t stopped releasing music. Late last week, he dropped Still Summer in the Projects, a joint album with Mustard. The 11-track record, which features the YG-assisted single “Wasted,” also houses collabs with Shoreline Mafia and Trilliano.

The album was recorded before Greedo started a 20-year sentence for drug possession and firearm possession (he will be eligible for parole next year). It was released through Alamo Records, whose founder Todd Moscowitz divulged that the rapper will be dropping several other projects later this year.

“We have a Hit-Boy album coming up next,” Moscowitz told Rolling Stone. “We’ll probably have a follow-up album three months after, and then another three months after that. He’ll probably end up putting out three or four albums and tapes this year, maybe an EP or two as well.”


As for this particular joint project with Mustard, Greedo said they’ve wanted to work together for a while. “I knew Mustard since like 2009, and we always crossed paths, but we never worked,” he told RS. “He blew up as I was in jail but when I got out and I got my shit buzzing, he hit me up. I came to the studio to do one song and then we ended up doing 20 songs in three days.”

Stream Still Summer in the Projects below:

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