03 Greedo, Maxo Kream throw a wild party in “Beg Your Pardon” MV

The latest ‘Netflix & Deal’ visual has arrived.

03 Greedo has released a video for “Beg Your Pardon,” featuring Maxo Kream. The track is a cut from his new joint album with Kenny Beats, Netflix & Deal.

In the clip, which was filmed before Greedo’s incarceration, the two rappers break into a suburban home to throw a wild house party. “Maxo-Maxo, Greedo, nothin’ like you artists / Ba-ba-bangin’ and robbin’ / Excuse me, bitch I beg your pardon / All my- All my n***as starvin’, like Marvin,” Kream raps on the chorus. Later that night, the owners return home and discover a suspicious pair of thongs stuck between the couch’s cushions.

Besides “Beg Your Pardon,” Greedo and Beats’ Netflix & Deal LP also features the tracks “Disco Shit” and “Maria.” On the other hand, Kream released his sophomore album Brandon Banks earlier this year.

Watch Greedo’s latest clip, featuring Maxo Kream, below.



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