Zedd drops “Happy Now” with Elley Duhé

Been waiting for new Zedd music? You’ll be happy now.

Zedd has been riding high on the charts lately thanks to his latest hit, “The Middle”—an EDM-influenced pop production, which combined heartfelt lyrics with powerful vocals. Now, the German DJ’s rehashed his winning formula on his latest single, “Happy Now.”

Featuring the lovely vocals of singer-songwriter Elley Duhé, the bittersweet track asks “Are you happy now?” as it describes a relationship that’s fallen apart.

It all kicks off with an acoustic strum before humming along with a plucky energy. When the chorus kicks in with a cry of “You’re a world away / somewhere in the crowd,” you’ll hear traces of Zedd’s signature production crashing in as well.


It’s not a full-on EDM banger by far, but as most of Zedd’s radio-friendly mid-tempos go, it’s definitely another winner.

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