Yaeji drops hyperactive remix of Robyn’s “Beach2k20”

The ‘Honey’ remix is the producer’s first release of the year.

We haven’t heard much from Yaeji this year, likely due to her busy touring schedule. But she’s finally back with a remix of Robyn’s “Beach2k20,” a track off the latter’s 2018 album Honey.

“Beach2k20” was perhaps the most experimental song on Honey: Fluttering synths and Robyn’s spoken-word vocals adorn the track as it builds on a sample of Timmy Thomas’ 1972 soul hit, “Why Can’t We Live Together,” which rose to prominence on Drake’s 2015 hit “Hotline Bling.”

Yaeji transforms the track into a glitchy house rave, adding spacey percussion and delivering her own vocal takes of Robyn’s coy lines. “To this cute place on the beach / They do really nice food / I mean, it’s right on the beach / Come through, it’ll be cool,” she quips.


The Korean-American producer’s take on “Beach2k20” is one of a string of Honey remixes, and joins the likes of “Ever Again” (Soulwax) and “Between the Lines” (The Black Madonna). She released the track “One More” last year, and is due to appear on the track “February 2017” from Charli XCX’s upcoming album Charli.

Listen to Yaeji’s remix of “Beach 2k20” below:

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