Watch Zedd’s epic video for “One Strange Rock”

The track also appears on the National Geographic series, which charts Earth’s most wondrous places, of the same name.

When he isn’t conquering the dance charts or munching on Skittles from his personal vending machine, Zedd can be a pretty emotional guy. Case in point: “One Strange Rock,” his stirring track for the National Geographic series of the same name.

The grandiose tune sounds a little like Zedd covering Clint Mansell, the famed film composer and frequent collaborator of Darren Aronofsky, who executive produces One Strange Rock. On it, the producer’s composition skills and musicianship are right up at the forefront, conjuring the sweeping vistas and mysterious caverns that star in the Nat Geo documentary series.

Those natural wonders also appear in the video for “One Strange Rock,” which dropped two days ago and can only be described as “epic.” Check it out here:


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