Watch Zedd, Jasmine Thompson’s new video for “Funny”

The singer blows off an ex to collaborate with the producer in the clip.

Zedd and British singer Jasmine Thompson have dropped a video for their summery new single, “Funny.”

The video for “Funny,” directed by Jack Karaszweski, captures a light-hearted virtual collaboration between Thompson and Zedd. It features a terse exchange with Thompson’s ex, a goofy video from mutual friend Lewis Capaldi, a Zoom call with adorable dogs and more.

“After a relationship people always seem to come back and want to try again and pay you more attention and say they miss you. I had been through a relationship that wasn’t working and as soon as we ended it, they wanted to spend more time with me,” Thompson said of the inspiration behind “Funny.”

“Funny” is Zedd’s first original release for the year, following his relatively quiet 2019 in which he put out “365” with Katy Perry and “Good Thing” with Kehlani. The single is Thompson’s second for the year, following “Love for the Lonely” and her 2019 EP Colour.


Watch the video for “Funny” here:


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