Watch the old-school MV for Kygo, Whitney Houston’s “Higher Love”

Starring Vanessa Morgan from ‘Riverdale.’

Kygo’s remix of the late Whitney Houston’s “Higher Love” has officially received the visual treatment.

Directed by Hannah Lux Davis, the throwback video includes retro-inspired fashion like leg warmers, bright leotards and sweatbands. The clip opens with a group of guys who stumble across a jazzercise class, taught by Riverdale star Vanessa Morgan. The men enter the dance studio only to discover their modern clothes have transformed into similarly ’80s-style outfits.

An epic dance-off between the two groups ensues, featuring scenes that recall classic films like Flashdance and Dirty Dancing, with Houston’s video for “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” playing in the background. Morgan is accidentally kicked in the head during the routine and wakes in the present, with “Higher Love” playing through her earphones.


Houston’s rendition of “Higher Love”—a cover of the Steve Winwood original—was first released as a bonus track on the Japanese edition of 1990’s I’m Your Baby Tonight. The remix is the first in a series of planned posthumous releases from Houston’s estate.

Watch the video for “Higher Love” here:

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