Watch Jessy Lanza’s hyper-collaborative video for “Anyone Around”

Her new album, ‘All the Time,’ is out later this month.

Jessy Lanza has shared a music video for new single “Anyone Around” ahead of the release of her third album, All the Time.

The Canadian musician roped a bunch of creative friends to perform “Anyone Around” in the new video, which makes use of a format somewhere between the by-now universally familiar Zoom call and the multi-screen YouTube cover video. Look out for Lanza’s own family and members of Caribou, Savages and Boy Harsher.

“Even though All the Time was written in 2019 the themes feel even more relevant now,” Lanza said in a statement. “Like a lot of people, I’m still struggling with the reality that life is hard to predict and it’s even harder not to make the same mistakes over again, trying to control what I’m able to and leave the rest.”

“Anyone Around” is Lanza’s third preview of her new record, following “Lick in Heaven” and “Face.” Her third album and follow-up to 2016’s Oh No, All the Time documents Lanza’s relocation from her hometown of Hamilton to New York, where she remotely collaborated for the first time with her writing partner Jeremy Greenspan.


All the Time will be released on July 24 via Hyperdub. Watch the video for “Anyone Around” here:


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