Watch Faithless’ video for “This Feeling,” their first song in a decade

The British electronica group are back.

British electronica group Faithless have released a video for “This Feeling,” their first single in ten years.

The uplifting dance track, featuring spoken word poet Suli Breaks and singer Nathan Ball, is Faithless’ first since their 2010 LP The Dance. The band used European Space Agency technology to make sure the video arrived at sunset according to the viewer’s time zone. The video features acrobatic cyclists and freestyle dancers who perform across London, providing an exciting glimpse of life outside of lockdown.

Prior to the release of “This Feeling,” another song titled “Let the Music Decide” appeared temporarily online before being wiped from the face of the internet. Though Faithless have not given any explanation on the release, fans are hoping that track will join “This Feeling” on a larger release in the near future.


Watch the video for “This Feeling” here:


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