Watch Diplo, Lil Xan pass blunts, incinerate a car in “Color Blind” clip

What happens when ‘sad rap’ meets EDM? Drugged-up parties, self-destruction and the immolation of vehicles, apparently.

“Color Blind,” a track off Diplo’s California EP featuring Lil Xan, has a new video. Dropped yesterday, the clip stars the DJ/producer and ‘sad rap’ artist as a pair up to no good.

It’s a subdued, depressing clip that’s edited and produced to look like a stoner’s fever dream, much like his video with Desiigner. Lil Xan and Diplo go from hallucinogenic parties to lonely gas stations to the aisles of a convenience store, before sending a beat-up white car to a fiery death as some sort of ritual sacrifice. Nothing makes sense, but at least the tone of the video matches the droopy track itself.

Watch it for yourself here:


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