Watch Black Coffee and guests take on NPR’s ‘Tiny Desk’

The South African producer released his star-studded album ‘Subconsciously’ last month.

The latest artist to perform an NPR Tiny Desk set—from home—is South African producer Black Coffee.

The South African producer showcased his inimitable brand of rhythmic house music in the set, which was recorded in the Johannesburg National School of Arts’ expansive auditorium. The three-song set featured guest vocalists and ambitious live instrumentation by a lineup of seasoned musicians.

Soulstar led the charge on opening track “You Rock My World,” from Black Coffee’s 2012 album Africa Rising. The next two tracks were picks from his recent album Subconsciously, which arrived early last month. Una Rams and Tellaman lent their talents to the jaunty dance track “Flava” while Msaki rounded out “Wish You Were Here.”


“It’s such a great honor for us, coming all the way from South Africa to be given the opportunity to express ourselves musically,” the producer said partway through his performance. “I’m truly, truly grateful to be here as a South African artist, and I hope you’re gonna see more South African artists coming through.”

Other tracks on Subconsciously, which was Black Coffee’s second studio album, included “SBCNCSLY” featuring Sabrina Claudio, “10 Missed Calls” with Pharrell and “You Need Me” featuring Maxine Ashley.

Watch Black Coffee’s Tiny Desk performance:


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