Watch Bicep’s dizzying video for “Saku”

The electronic duo will release their second studio album this month.

Bicep are gearing up for the release of their sophomore album Isles, and have shared a video for recent single “Saku” featuring Clara La San.

Director David Bertram taps into the subtle sense of underlying unease on the percussive single, helming a dizzying video which focuses on a protagonist stuck in a distressing loop. Stuck descending the same flight of stairs, the woman’s experience escalates until her father successfully breaks her free.

“When I received Bicep’s song, ‘Saku,’ I was struck by two things,” Bertram recalled in a statement. “The first was the contrast between this sense of urgency conveyed by the beat and the tempo, and the dreamlike floating voices and synths. There’s a very interesting paradox in this song, which is an excellent starting point for a filmmaker. The second is this continuous tone that lasts throughout the whole track, held by the background voice that can be heard behind the instruments.”


The video for “Saku,” Bertram also said, is a metaphor for a complicated father-daughter relationship in disarray as the girl seeks emancipation in her teen years.

“Saku” dropped in November last year, following previous Isles singles “Atlas” and “Apricots.” The full album will arrive on January 22 via Ninja Tune.

Watch the video for “Saku” here:


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