Watch a new film about The KLF, ‘Welcome to the Dark Ages’

About the avant-garde duo’s ongoing project to build a monument out of cremains.

A new documentary has been released about The KLF, the British electronic duo who recently broke a decades-long silence by releasing their music to streaming services.

The avant-garde British group famously erased their catalog in the mid ’90s, opting to pull the plug on music to focus on art installations. It all came to a head in 1994 when the duo burned a million pounds in cash on the remote Isle of Jura before going underground.

The new film, Welcome to the Dark Ages, documents Bill Drummond and Jimmy Cauty of The KLF operating under a new artist’s moniker, The Justified Ancients of Mu Mu. The group assert in the documentary’s press release that they are no longer a band, and are now a collection of undertakers preparing to build a monument known as the People’s Pyramid.


With a deadline of 2023, the 23-foot-high People’s Pyramid will be constructed out of 34,952 bricks made from the cremated remains of dead people—a process dubbed MuMufication. 3,000 people have reportedly signed up to be part of the monument so far. Find out more about the macabre initiative here.

Welcome to the Dark Ages, which documents the first year of Drummond and Cauty’s efforts, is available now online. You can rent or purchase the film here.

Watch the brief trailer for Welcome to the Dark Ages below:


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