Underworld name-drop celebrities on their new single, “Star”

The duo’s ‘DRIFT Series 1’ compilation comes out in November.

British duo Underworld are back with “Star,” the latest release from their weekly DRIFT series.

On the song, the duo play a game of celebrity I Spy, where they “spot” a bevy of “stars.” The long list includes late film icon Betty Grable, civil rights activist Martin Luther King Jr, footballer David Beckham and novelist Mary Shelley, as well as animated characters like Cinderella and Mickey Mouse.

“Take a rhyme that’s so familiar it’s almost become a part of our DNA and evolve it into something strange and inspiring,” the band explained on Twitter. “[The song is] a celebration of life, and of lives, and of the good and the truly great.”


“Star” will be featured on the “Sampler Edition” of Underworld’s forthcoming DRIFT Series 1 compilation. The deluxe box set version of the compilation will include the “Sampler Edition” alongside unreleased songs, such as “One True Piano Need Hand” and “Seven Music Drone.”

Listen to “Star” here:

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