TSHA is in full bloom on new ‘Flowers’ EP

The British producer drops four new tracks.

London producer TSHA has shared her intimate new EP, Flowers, featuring guests Ell Murphy, Gabrielle Aplin and Trio Da Kali.

From “Renegade”’s hypnotic guitar rhythms to “Demba”’s bright array of sounds, Flowers catches TSHA in full bloom. Lead single “Sister” is a wonderfully warm track that conjures visions of a beachside summer day via its high-flying vocal samples and reverb-laden guitar. As it turns out, the song was born from a deeply personal moment for the producer.

“I wrote ‘Sister’ during lockdown after finding out I had an older half sister from my estranged father that she is also estranged from,” TSHA revealed in a press release. “We spoke on the phone and were texting each other in lockdown and we recently met for the first time. She’s lovely and we got on straight away, so I’m very happy to have a new member of my family as I’ve not had much of that in my life. The song is an expression of all of those feelings.”


Flowers is TSHA’s first body of original work since her 2019 EP Moonlight. Since that time, the producer has kept herself busy by remixing Lianne La Havas, Foals, Throwing Snow and Qrion, among others.

Listen to Flowers here:

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