Toro y Moi reunites with The Mattson 2 on “Ordinary Guy”

Chaz Bear collaborates with the jazz duo on a Joe Bataan cover.

Toro y Moi has released a cover of Latin soul singer Joe Bataan’s “Ordinary Guy,” featuring jazz duo The Mattson 2.

Chaz Bear has collaborated with the Mattson brothers before, on the 2017 joint album Star Stuff. On this new track, he sings whimsically about being your average dude sans “beautiful car” and “elegant home” over the smooth stylings of Jonathan and Jared Mattson. “I’m just an ordinary, ordinary guy / Afro-Filipino, average sort of guy / That’s what I am / Ordinary man you left behind,” Bear croons on the chorus.

This comes a few months after Toro y Moi’s last collaboration, “The Difference” with Flume. Last year, he released the mixtape Soul Trash and the album Outer Peace. He also dropped the EP smartbeats. On the other hand, The Mattson 2 released their first full-length album, Paradise, last year.

Stream “Ordinary Guy” here:



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