Toro y Moi releases “New House” music video

A cut from his recent album, ‘Outer Peace.’

Toro y Moi—aka Chaz Bear—is back with a video for “New House,” a cut from his latest album, Outer Peace.

In the clip, Bear dances and performs in different locations, including a greenhouse, in front of an enormous red tour bus and around geometric apartment blocks. “Follow signs out of the terminal now / JFK is a different animal now / Damn baggage claim is like a warzone now / Glad I packed light clothes, I’m on my own,” he sings on the track.

Besides “New House,” Bear’s Outer Peace LP also includes the tracks “Freelance,” “Ordinary Pleasure” and “50-50.” The producer recently released a new EP titled smartbeats, featuring collaborations with Empress Of and Washed Out.

Watch the video for “New House” here:



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