Timmy Trumpet says “Wassup (Listen to the Horns)”

Kastra and Chuck Roberts join the party, too.

Timmy Trumpet has always lived up to his name, and his latest track “Wassup (Listen to the Horns)” definitely keeps things on-brand.

A collab with fellow DJ Kastra and gospel artist Chuck Roberts, the track’s a disco-loving party anthem. It kicks off immediately with funky grooves and Roberts announcing, “I say to you today my friends, this is what’s up!” before Timmy’s trumpets blare over the pounding four-to-the-floor beat.

“This is a sound that has the ability to bring people of all cultures, and all walks of life together,” Roberts declares on the song.


“Wassup (Listen to the Horns)” is a unique combination of old-time soul, gospel and EDM. And trust us, you won’t just want to listen to the horns––you’ll want to throw some major shapes, too.

Get groovin’ to it below:

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