Tim Hecker releases the awe-inspiring “Keyed Out”

From the ambient artist’s upcoming album, ‘Konoyo.’

Tim Hecker has released a new song, “Keyed Out.”

The nine-minute, exploratory track is one of seven on Hecker’s upcoming album Konoyo, which was recorded in collaboration with Tokyo Gakuso, an ensemble dedicated to a Japanese classical music form known as gagaku.

Written over several sessions, the song was finished in a small temple on the outskirts of Tokyo, Hecker said in a press release. Though there’s plenty going on in “Keyed Out,” from strange synth sounds to light percussive elements, the Canadian composer revealed the track was a product of deliberate restraint.


“I wanted to resist the temptation to overload the music with layers and layers of hyper-edited texture, as if that would help the piece become more whole,” he said. “The song is a lonely deteriorating synth line, refracted and isolated, played alongside a small court music ensemble on what was a crisp, birdsong-filled November morning.”

Konoyo is out September 28. Hear “Keyed Out” below:

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