The Prodigy’s “We Live Forever” is a total banger

Kicking it old-school.

In the lead up to the Prodigy’s forthcoming album No Tourists, which arrives Friday, the group have dropped a brand-new single, “We Live Forever.”

And just as you’d expect from the English electronic outfit, the track’s loud and aggressive, filled with dirty beats and an earth-shattering bass. It’s also highly reminiscent of the group’s older works such as 1994’s “Their Law” and 1992’s “G-Force (Energy Flow).”

“People will hear the early Prodigy sounds coming back a bit. But also without being retro, it feels fresh,” frontman Liam Howlett told Billboard.


No Tourist will be released via the band’s own label Take Me to the Hospital as a means to “fiercely protect [their] creative rights.” “The most important thing to us is to be in control and making sure the live side stays as pure as possible,” Howlett added.

Jam out to “We Live Forever” below:

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