The Chemical Brothers command you to “Free Yourself”

“Free yourself, free me, dance.”

Late last week, the Chemical Brothers dropped “Free Yourself,” their first new song since 2016.

The English legends had teased the song via video snippets over the course of a month, and have also been playing it live at recent shows. But the whole world can now enjoy this new, five-minute banger—our first taste of their forthcoming album, their ninth in a career that has stretched close to 30 years.

The song’s message is simple: “Free yourself, free me, dance,” an anonymous, authoritative voice commands throughout. It begins with 80 seconds of repetitive, almost hypnotic chanting over escalating percussion, before the Chemical Brothers unleash what sounds like a hailstorm of lasers over a proper dancefloor drumbeat.


Stream “Free Yourself” below:

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