The Chainsmokers release “Side Effects” video

Featuring Camila Mendes from ‘Riverdale.’

The Chainsmokers recently released “Side Effects”—their new funk-filled, Emily Warren-assisted banger that’s heating up the dancefloor. Now, the track’s received a video to match its groovy beat.

Directed by Matthew Dillon Cohen, the clip stars Camila Mendes (aka Veronica from Riverdale) as Riley, a dejected part-timer working at a hotel resort. She gets a call from her employer who tells her he’s got “great news” and orders her to work over the weekend. But clearly, she’s having none of that.

Riley rips off her uniform to reveal a party dress and lets loose around the hotel. As the clip goes on, it looks like Riley isn’t the only person down to bust a move. The hotel guests (played by Warren and The Chainsmokers themselves) break into a dance as their rooms transform into neon-colored playgrounds.


Check it out below:

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