The Chainsmokers drop new single “Side Effects”

Side effects may include serious head bopping.

The Chainsmokers have just dropped a new track called “Side Effects” with frequent collaborator Emily Warren on the mic. The two might’ve joined forces time and time before, but never on a song like this, which changes up Drew Taggart and Alex Pall’s sound in a big way.

“It’s 4am, I don’t know where to go / Everywhere is closed,” Warren sings over an awesome bass riff as she fights the urge to visit a lover. It’s no use, though: The singer-songwriter declares “the side effect to my loneliness is you.”

From there, a rousing chorus crashes in, with the Chainsmokers’ production including some funk and rock influences. Keep an eye out for the half-spoken, half-sung bridge as well.


Considering that up until now the boys have been best known for pop-tinted EDM bangers, “Side Effects” is a seriously impressive step in a new direction. The Chainsmokers might sound a little different, but their ability to craft out a catchy party anthem is as good as it was when they dropped “#SELFIE.”

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