The Bug, Dis Fig share new song, “Blue to Black”

Their joint album, ‘In Blue,’ is out later this month.

The Bug and Dis Fig have shared “Blue to Black,” another single from their upcoming collaboration album In Blue.

“Blue to Black” follows the lead single “You” which dropped last month. Where its predecessor sparks into life with a distorted kickdrum rhythm, The Bug and Dis Fig’s latest joint track slowly conjures thick walls of noise and inconsistent percussion sections that give “Blue to Black” a lively, ever-evolving quality.

Kevin Martin—the man behind the Bug moniker—has returned to Hyperdub for the first time since debuting fan favorite “Skeng” over a decade ago. His new project with Berlin-based American producer Dis Fig comes as no surprise, given his penchant for collaborating with cutting-edge musicians such as Earth for 2017’s Concrete Desert.


In Blue sees both Martin and Dis Fig’s Felicia Chen distance themselves from their respective sounds to deliver a cohesive sonic experience that blends intimate, hushed vocals and lo-fi electronic dub. The pair exchanged files and recordings over two years in the lead up to In Blue’s release, with Martin handling the mixing from his Brussels home during lockdown.

In Blue will arrive digitally via Hyperdub on November 20, while the vinyl edition drops December 18. Listen to “Blue to Black” here:

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