The Avalanches collab with Denzel Curry, Sampa the Great, Tricky

They’ve also officially announced their new album, ‘We Will Always Love You.’

The Avalanches have announced their third album by sharing two songs: the funky “Music Makes Me High” and “Take Care in Your Dreaming,” which is a massive psychedelic collaboration with Denzel Curry, Sampa the Great and Tricky.

The two songs join previously released tracks “Running Red Lights,” “Wherever You Go” and “Reflecting Light” on the Australian electronic duo’s new record, which is titled “We Will Always Love You.” The plunderphonics group first hinted at the album’s release all the way back in February by dropping its title track, which features Blood Orange.

“For us, to make the same record again, no matter how well executed, wouldn’t have been satisfying,” The Avalanches’ Robbie Chater said in a statement of the new album’s sound. “We were looking to do something that would open up possibilities for the future. Take a bit of a left turn that frees us up to do whatever we want to next.”


We Will Always Love You was inspired by 1980 science documentary series Cosmos creators Ann Druyan and Carl Sagan. Druyan was the Creative Director of the Voyage Interstellar Message Project which placed two gold phonograph records containing music and sounds from earth on Voyager spacecrafts in 1977. Her portrait serves as the cover of the new Avalanches record.

We Will Always Love You will be released on December 11. Hear both songs below.

“Take Care in Your Dreaming” featuring Denzel Curry, Sampa the Great, Tricky:


“Music Makes Me High”:

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