Techno legend Chris Liebing shares new track, “Novembergrey”

It also marks the German DJ/producer’s first tune under Mute Records.

Not since 2010’s “Ataraxia” have we heard new material from Chris Liebing. But on Friday, the techno legend and head honcho of CLR unveiled a fresh track in “Novembergrey,” which is also his first under the immortal Mute Records.

Co-produced by Ralf Hildenbeutel, “Novembergrey” is not quite like the grinding minimal techno that Liebing’s known for. It’s a dark, expansive and goth-y track that perhaps aligns better with the sounds on Mute’s roster, which Liebing has loved for decades.

“[Mute is] a label that not only made me dance and enjoy life over the past 30-plus years with bands like Depeche Mode, Yazoo, Nick Cave, DAF and many, many more,” the DJ wrote on Facebook. “I cannot overstate the fact how happy and blessed I am to be working with this label and Daniel Miller, its founder and boss, who has been such an amazing influence.”


Listen to “Novembergrey” here:

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