Take a peek at Toro Y Moi’s studio in “Ordinary Pleasure” MV

The chillwave producer gives a tour of his funky workspace.

Toro Y Moi’s new visual for “Ordinary Pleasure” gives fans a glimpse of his vibrant and cozy Oakland studio.

The clip, directed by Mancy Gant, opens with Chaz Bear introducing his band: Keyboardist Anthony Ferraro, bassist Patrick Jeffords, drummer Andy Woodward and Brijean the bongo player all take turns to show off their respective instruments. Right on cue, Bear and co jump into a performance of “Ordinary Pleasure” and the video shifts into full-on dance party mode.

Our frontman continues to wander through the rest of his studio, fist-bumping his colleagues and posing for a photoshoot along the way. As the light-hearted tour comes to an end, the chillwave producer and his crew take the dance party out to the backyard.


“Ordinary Pleasure” is taken from Toro Y Moi’s latest album, Outer Peace, which arrived last month. Check out the video below:

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