Take a journey with Nhoah with “Between Vienna and the Stars”

The first release from the DJ’s “travel diary.”

Berlin-based producer-DJ Nhoah has released a hypnotic new single titled “Between Vienna and the Stars.”

The atmospheric techno song was inspired by the musician’s travels to countries around the world. “Because of my live shows and DJ gigs, I am regularly in different cities. The short moments of my stays influence me very much in my artistry,” he wrote in the song’s SoundCloud description.

“Very often, I wrote songs directly after the shows, often in the morning before I fall into bed. I sang them on my mobile or sketched them in some other way. Each of these tracks has become like a travel diary for me,” he added.


“Between Vienna and the Stars” is the first release from Nhoah’s “travel diary,” with more to follow in the coming months. It’s the DJ’s third single of the year, following “I Can’t Satisfy You” and “Mountain Calls.”

Listen to “Between Vienna and the Stars” here:

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