Stream Overmono’s remix of Four Tet’s “Teenage Birdsong”

The Russell brothers take on the Kieran Hebden track.

Overmono’s adventurous remix of Four Tet’s “Teenage Birdsong” has arrived online.

In the hands of Overmono—namely, the brothers Tom and Ed Russell—Kieran Hebden’s tranquil, flute-filled tune becomes a jittery dancefloor warm-up. In other words, it’s practically unrecognizable.

Overmono’s take on “Teenage Birdsong” joins Avalon Emerson’s remix, which arrived in November. Both appear alongside the original track and “Dreamer” on a 12-inch vinyl single, which was released last week on Four Tet’s Text Records.


Besides remixing Four Tet, Overmono released an EP on their Poly Kicks label, and collaborated with Joy Orbison on the two-track single, Bromley / Still Moving. Four Tet, on the other hand, has been dropping one-off singles throughout the year, including fan favorite “Only Human.” He also released Anna Painting, a three-track EP that was a collaboration with the artist Anna Liber Lewis.

Stream Overmono’s “Teenage Birdsong” remix below:


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