Stream a new James Blake song, “Mulholland”

A bonus track on the vinyl release of ‘Assume Form.’

James Blake has released a new song, “Mulholland,” that will appear on the vinyl release of Assume Form, due out next month.

Blake is almost unrecognizable on the track, pitch-shifting his voice throughout the verses to sing “They are now just understanding me.” A mournful piano progression meets a trap beat in this downbeat composition, building an otherworldly sound that’s eventually stripped away as Blake concludes, “They’re understanding me, at least.”

“Mulholland” arrived online as a part of Assume Form’s deluxe digital release last Friday. It will also appear on the vinyl release of the album, which is due out May 10. Interestingly, the song squeezes between “Don’t Miss it” and album closer “Lullaby for My Insomniac,” rather than tacking on at the end of the LP.


Listen to “Mulholland”:

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