Strap in: AG Cook unleashes 49-track album, ‘7G’

With contributions from Caroline Polachek, Tommy Cash, Hannah Diamond and more.

PC Music founder AG Cook has unveiled a sprawling new album 7G, which has a total of 49 tracks.

The album’s title points to its structure and concept: 7G is divided into seven ‘discs,’ each dedicated to a different instrument: drums, guitar, supersaw, piano, Nord, spoken word and extreme vocals.

Besides fresh material by Cook, 7G also features covers, which run the gamut from pop royalty (Taylor Swift, Sia and Cook’s own close collaborator Charli XCX) to ’90s rock (Blur, The Smashing Pumpkins) and more. 7G also features vocal contributions from PC Music associates Caroline Polachek, Tommy Cash and Hannah Diamond, as well as Cecile Believe and Alaska Reid.

7G is Cook’s first release under his own name since his 2019 single “Lifeline.” Stream it below:



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