Snails, Boogie T find common ground on “Redline”

It’s time to “boogie to the fat bass.”

Bass music acts Snails and Boogie T have teamed up for a massive new track, “Redline.”

It kicks off with an ominous build and Boogie T’s vocals enter shortly after. “I said one time for the DJ with the dub play / Two times if you boogie to the fat bass,” he counts.

After a few obligatory cries of “Let me hear you say ‘whoa,’” the monster breakdown kicks in to shake your speakers—and it doesn’t let up. Snails’ twisted production will have bass fans banging their heads from start to finish. Stick around for the guitar riff as well, which gives “Redline” an ’80s hair metal twist that only makes things crazier—for the better, of course.


Stream “Redline” below:

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