Skrillex, Utada Hikaru team up for “Face My Fears”

This one’s for all the gamers.

If you like your video games paired with EDM, then you’re in luck: Skrillex has joined forces with Japanese megastar Utada Hikaru to tease their song for Disney’s and Square Enix’s upcoming game, Kingdom Hearts II.

Titled “Face My Fears,” the song was previewed in the game’s latest trailer, released yesterday. It opens with a delicate piano melody before Skrillex’s signature dubstep production kicks in, bringing a whole ’nother level of passion and energy to the track. “Let me face, let me face, let me face my fears!” Utada sings on the inspiring vocal hook.

As Pitchfork reports, Skrillex originally meant to only remix Utada’s “Don’t Think Twice” for the game, but the pair formed a partnership that led to the creation of an entirely new song. Truthfully, we don’t mind it one bit.

“Face My Fears” will be out in full early next year with the game not far behind it. In the meantime, peep the snippet below:


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